Know Your Road Rules

Even if you’ve been driving for 40 years or more it’s almost certain that there are a few road rules that you’re a bit unsure about. Obviously that can lead to problems on the road ranging from unsafe driving all the way through to road rage! 

And it’s not always easy because the rules change as well and so it’s great that the government have an excellent website and some great resources to keep you up-to-date. Some of the classic areas where people get confused are:

  • changing lanes and merging
  • giving way
  • safe following distances
  • and the ‘old classic’ roundabouts

If you’re unsure about any of these things or just want to check up on a rule then why not grab one of the little guides from the Queensland Government.

Road rules refresher pocket guide

The road rules refresher pocket guide outlines the most commonly misunderstood Queensland road rules. You can download the guide or order a copy online.

Your keys to Driving in Queensland

The Your Keys to Driving in Queensland publication is the road rules hand book for all drivers, including learner drivers. It contains essential information about the Queensland driver licensing system and road rules.

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