Caravan on the Road

Vehicle Setups for Towing

We specialise in vehicle setups for towing and we can have you all ready to hit the road in safety and comfort.

Whenever you get a new vehicle or you are setting up for towing a larger load, you will need to consider everything required by law to operate the vehicle safely.  This can include everything from updating your battery system, adding electric brakes or just setting up your wiring and putting those extra 12V outlets in.

Dual Batteries

Whether you are a traveller with extra power needs or just love camping or running a fridge, dual battery systems are becoming hugely popular. they let you run your extra devices without the risk of flattening your ignition battery in your vehicle.

Electric Brakes

Nearly every caravan now built has electric brakes fitted to the caravan.  These brakes require an electric current from a brake controller mounted in your car, to make them operate. Any towed trailer or caravan that weights 750kg or more must be fitted with independent brakes. Electric are the most common type.

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