Holiday Driving Tips: Avoid Fatigue

Driver fatigue is a proven killer on Queensland highways. When you’ve got a big trip ahead, it’s important to plan for 15-minute breaks every two hours – to rest and revive.

During major holiday periods, take advantage of the extensive Driver Reviver network that operates around Australia, where you can get free tea or coffee. In other times, take a thermos of hot water and make yourself a cuppa at a rest area.

Try to avoid setting off in the early hours of the morning, as your body still expects to be sleeping.

Part of good driving is recognising that driver fatigue can affect your performance behind the wheel well before you actually feel tired. Signs of fatigue include:

  • Yawning, heavy eyes or sweaty hands
  • Droning or humming in the ears
  • Daydreaming or loss of concentration
  • The vehicle wandering on the road
  • Unintentional changes in vehicle speed
  • Pressure in the head or temples
  • Stiffness or cramps

If you feel these symptoms of driver fatigue, pull over where it is safe to do so, lock the doors and sleep until you are refreshed.

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