Recent Myth About Towing Shackles

There has been a lot of incorrect posts on social media recently about police booking people due to a change in the requirements for safety chain shackles. This is not correct as you can see form this Transport Department email below:


For response to Customer Enquiries regarding this matter. There has been no change!

Recently, information has been circulating on social media about changes that require the shackles used when towing a trailer to be rated as well as enforcement of this requirement in the Gympie area.Vehicle Standards can advise that under the current legislation, while the safety chains that are used to connect a trailer to a towing vehicle are required to comply with Australian
Standard AS 4177.4 Caravan and light trailer towing components, there is no legal requirement for shackles to comply with a particular Australian Standard.

However, in the interest of road safety, the Department of Transport and Main Roads strongly recommends that vehicle operators use shackles that are either certified to AS 2741-2002 Shackles or are identifiable as having a suitable design for the trailer and towing vehicle combination.

These requirements are not new and have been consistent across most States and Territories for many years.


Meet Rachel Newton

Rachel works in our office and if you’ve been in or called you have probably spoken to her. We thought we would ask a few simple questions to introduce you to the first of our staff.

Favourite food?

Anything my partner cooks (He’s a Chef)

Favourite Drink?

Coke with maybe a little bourbon or maybe the other way round

Last job before here?

Working in the service department for a caravan Dealership

Favourite movie?

Don’t really have one

Best thing about working at Sandgate Auto?

Diversity of work and the people I work with


I am known to be just a bit of a social butterfly


Power Steering Tips

Your power steering makes driving a modern car so much easier but it requires some simple maintenance to reduce wear and expense. The fluid should be checked regularly to ensure it is filled to capacity.

  1. The fluid can be checked via the reservoir. For the specific location relating to your vehicle please check your owner’s manual.
  2. Only use the recommended oil for your car, this information can be found in your owner’s manual.
  3. Never over fill the reservoir.
  4. If the power steering fluid needs regular refilling contact us as you could have a leak.

If you are unsure about where to check or fill the power steering fluid, please drop in and we can show you.


Battery Tips

The battery is a key component of your car’s electrical system and the most common cause of vehicle breakdowns. A number of simple steps can be taken to ensure your battery is kept in optimum condition all year round.

  1. Check your battery terminals regularly to make sure that they are clean and tight.
  2. Most newer batteries are maintenance free and won’t require topping up but if yours does ensure that the electrolyte level is correct. If topping up only use distilled water.
  3. Make sure the battery is secure. This can often be a problem as brackets can shake loose especially in off-road vehicles.
  4. If your battery has not been replaced in 3 – 4 years consider a replacement as battery failures often occur with no warning.

We carry a comprehensive range of heavy duty batteries to suit all makes and models.

For any battery problems consult your owner’s manual or contact